lost and found: a soul and her Saviour

Looking for a trainer, the best horseman of all, in search of the best, I found The Faithful and True. While I struggle under the financial gun, He comes to redeem and to heal. We shall hit the road one day but until then, I have a mission to witness unto Him and His Coming here.

He made Himself clear to me last Easter and with His reign in my heart, He brought much needed rain, a downpour in answer to prayers at the Crosswalk on Good Friday. We hope for a repeat this year as the land is arid now. Is this the result of a lack of receptivity to the Spirit, as one prophet has said? Or are we reaping what we have sown in denying His reign in our hearts? Are we the kings of our universes or is He given the seat of authority?

What would Jesus do? “Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten me!” For now He would rest in His Place Prepared, if they would give Him room. Is there a stable where He could keep His horse and water for His steed?

All I know is that I encountered the Faithful and True amidst a torrential rain at the Beartooth Ranch last Easter, while reading His words recorded by one Prophet infired by the Holy Spirit in “Walking With the Master” published by The Summit Lighthouse. Now I live to tell the tale of His appearing in waiting hearts prepared. And I ride for the Way, the Truth, and the Life on the Splendid High horse whom He trains–a 24 carrot horse, if ever there was one. He has a heart of 24 karat gold and He rules us both with the Golden Rule. O Lord, You are our true Friend who will not fail us as we “publish abroad” of my healing through You. Thank You forever! Amen.


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