Riding into Jerusalem–the place of peace

Who can hop onto a colt who has not been started and just ride in a huge parade with mayhem and the colt behaves perfectly? The Ultimate Trainer, that’s who.

The Faithful and True is the archetypal Divine Horseman and He rode through me today, training us both on this Palm Sunday as I recited His mantra, “In the name of Jesus Christ, Peace be still, peace be still, peace be still, peace be still” over and over and over again as I rode. I started our ride striking a Tebow stance before mounting Splendid High, who was full of himself today.

There is no better trainer than He and He works best in my life through the holy rosary. The worst ride I had on River Island was on November 2, 2010. It was election day and I went right into election prayers at the 5 am prayer hour. Usually I started with the rosary. It was later when I had a lesson from a dressage trainer who fashioned herself a Christian, that River Island’s composure and mine erode and quickly went downstream fast. We were at loggerheads and it was not pretty or flowing or composed at all.

Later, as I reflected upon why the day was so inwardly bad for me, I realized I hadn’t given the rosary. The next day, I had to make a serious amends to River Island, known as Jack, that I would never again ride him without having prayed the rosary.

With Splendid High, known as Mel, I probably would not be in one piece without the holy rosary as the ultimate training tool. Mel can go into full boogie mode in a heartbeat and using the mantra given to Elizabeth Clare Prophet by Lord Christ Jesus of “Peace be still” as a perpetual prayer is a life saver. He is much calmer now and we both have learned to find peace in the Lord. Thank You O Trainer Divine! Hosanna to the Highest! Amen.

dedicated to the memory of River Island and his Lord..you are the best guardian, Angel Jack

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