The Great Life: Macro-Splendid High Life and Times

As for me and my horse, we will serve the LORD. We have sought our trainer as the Faithful and True to train us in His ways in what would be most pleasing in His sight. It seems we are called to The Great Life, as I strive to be a Zen macrobiotic stable nun and he a steed for the LORD. We are partners in grime, Splendid High and I. He is a quintessential equine therapist, another Dr. Mellifluous, with his flowing movements as sweet as honeyed melodies. So we will dance for peace as our art, we partners in the danse not macabre but divine to endeavor to follow Col. Alois Podhajsky as he instructs in The Complete Training of Horse and Rider. Col. Podhajsky signed a copy of his book for me and handed it to me when I was ten years old. Now, it is our mission, Splendid High and I to follow its instructions and become a dressage partnership. May the Spirit Most Holy descend upon us and teach us always, by the power of the most holy rosary to which this blog is dedicated. Amen.

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