ISO: The Faithful and True: creating a Blue Zone

Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven on Earth, create a Blue Zone here and now this day that cannot be taken away. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, saith Jesus. How can that be so if I feel under attack and my path to health through creating a personal Blue Zone is under fire?

There is a dark force that hates Love because it overcomes all, even the darkest night and Death and Hell itself. The Death Rider rides freely throughout the Earth and takes pride at snatching up all at its whim. It seemingly has all-power. Or does it?

All I know is that I desire to be in Your Blue Army and that means I can be taken at any time. In order to have true courage, I have to surrender totally to the Way, the Truth and the Life and put my life and that of Splendid High into His Hands because there are no guarantees at all and I myself have proven incapable of keeping us safe.

If we are to train, to be trained by Him for His purposes, is that here and now? Is that not now occurring, as strange as that may seem?

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night, sang Joan Baez. Do You dream of making Joe Hill a Blue Zone-consecrated place where the Faithful and True trains? If so, it is in Your Hands because as You well know, everything about my life is under fire right now including my financial future and Mel’s. I believe in a Power greater than myself and that Power is true Love and because I know that Spirit lives in my heart, I can go to that place during this time of trial and not be overcome. You have a real sense of humor to give a despondent woman “a horse of that color” in Shakespeare’s words and his name is Splendid High. You have a plan. I believe the Faithful and True rides in an English saddle, but I could be wrong. Is there a place where we can train to ride the way He rides?