out of the (prayer) closet

O Lord, help me please to submit to You in all things including this latest trial! In truth, I am exceedingly grateful that you teach to “love thine enemies” because if it weren’t for that today I do not know where I would be. As You know, dearest Advocate, I cannot speak of what is going on publically and that is for good reason. I know without a doubt You were here with Mel and me today and tonight as we passed through the lightning storm  and Mel gave me one of the best rides of my life. He was light and in the most self-carriage he has ever been in and yet he was relaxed and very much off his forehand and driving from behind as he is built to do. For some reason, he has become even more uphill in build and he already was quite uphill.

I well remember that eventful ride on Christy’s birthday last year where Mel pitched a fit and was dancing around when Song and others ran around their pastures. As he was barely contained, I said to myself, as he started to dance in place, I can really feel a piaffe in him. He was not at all relaxed into it but it was there and I knew he wouldn’t have too tough a time executing one. Mrs. Downton let me ride Montu, her retired Grand Prix mare in piaffe and passage once as she taught me informally. I know what one feels like and when Megan Tenney gave me lunge lessons on Ruby she had me initiate a half step on him. You were there. I know. It was a thrill indeed. He did not have side reins or anything other than the line itself on his bridle but Megan just gave him a loose connection and she was teaching me ride only from my seat. My hands were at my sides I think or just resting on the saddle in front and I was not using much leg at all. Ruby and I were in synch and he seemed to enjoy it too. He was such a ham! It just goes to show that a horse does not have to have perfect ground manners at all to be a champion because he certainly did not. He was barely contained and quite cheeky in fact but I loved him anyway. Thanks for reminding me  of some of the good times past and to record the fabulous ride tonight because I know You put Mel in my life for a reason and we are both consecrated to Our Lady and You both have a plan as to how to get us through this trial.

Thank You for being! I know You as a Buddha, too, Lord Jesus, as You have Buddhic attainment as well. You are a Zen Master, too, and Mel and I may well have to practice some austerities in the coming days, but You have a plan, I know. That Buddha-nature that is in Mel and in all living beings is also in my heart and it enlightens me now to realize all is well. We are in the eye of a hurricane that an emissary of Mara is sending but he will not prevail. I touch the ground and say, “I bear witness.” And it is so. Namaste.

I have come out of the Buddhic closet now. I belong to the Buddha Issa who walked in Nepal and India in the Lost Years. You are known as Saint Issa in India and the monks recorded Your trek there, lo,  2,000 years ago in written records. I was baptized in a church founded by You,  Jesus Christ and also Gautama Buddha, at the Western Shamballa. One day Mel and I will ride there for You both. Thank You and Namaste. I bow to the Light within You… I am now officially out of the closet as a stable nun in meditation upon the Buddha-nature in all and Mel and I are wed to Our Lady in complete consecration as well…

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