go and publish abroad…

Who: the Lord Jesus Christ present

What: Sunday Mass

When: 11 a.m. today, 6-12-16

Why: to spread the Good News

Where: St. Bernard’s in Billings, Montana heights

How: with peace and serenity

I felt called to attend Mass in Billings this morning and witnessed the spark of light of conscience in the priest and a young woman crossing the country in a Crosswalk on a pro-life walk. Emily Robbins shone with joy and conviction as she exhorted us to do three things: pray for their Crosswalk, support it with donations, and get personally involved in pro-life work.

Emily and her friends did not get national media attention today.  Instead we hear of a terrorist slaughtering the innocents. In journalism school, we are taught “if it bleeds, it leads.” And so it does.

What about the Saviour whose Sacred Heart bleeds and who gives His very Blood and Body in Holy Communion? I witness to that today. He was there and that is what is the real Second Coming: when He dwells in the hearts of those who receive Him.

Later, at the stable, a dear friend said that she is not sure that God never gives us more than we can handle; that sometimes if we have too much, we have to be humble and ask for help. Thank you Sarah Kenyon, for that profound wisdom.

It was at that Ranch, that I had an inner encounter with Him two Easters ago and back to the barn I must go after hearing of the woman who had sinned who washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears from Father David. I used to wonder, if Jesus would ever want nuns to have long hair in preparation for His coming again, because many would probably still try to ignore Him and He might be shunned once again.

On a day of tragedy, I come to publish abroad the Good News on foot, if I must. He is the One who can lead the armies of Heaven to defeat this scourge upon the earth of hatred and violence and His Mother has a plan because ISIS fighters do not like to fight women. They think they won’t go to Heaven. So the Woman Clothed With the Sun will lead Her Blue Army armed with the Holy Rosary and defeat the Death Rider in all its forms. That is the Good News on this day when Death and Hell seemed to have sway. The Father Davids of this world will slay the Goliath of world terrorism through celebrating Life and inviting the Emilys to witness at the altar.

For this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth, He said…I am called to publish abroad and I have a new Employer, as the Big Book says. Whether this is read matters not. The only way I can right wrongs is to write of the right in the world…

reported by Caroline V. Ritter





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