the power of the most holy rosary

Am I truly called to be a stable nun? The Faithful and True may be the only one who can truly tame this shrew and He does so by the power of the most holy rosary. Praying the Surrender Rosary while riding Splendid High does actually work. It truly does.

I have it recorded on my cell phone and played it on this glorious summer eve as I rode Mel. That and carrots are my trainer–our trainer–because we both need instruction. Mel was quite calm, supple and obedient tonight, as Col. Podhajsky describes the goal of dressage. He was relaxed and rhythmical and for that I am exceedingly grateful because it is not an easy task for me to train him.

He is my better half, in truth. He is a far better horse than I am a rider. That is alright–the Lord has us together for a reason. Mel is tall, dark and handsome and a far more stable partner than I would ever find in a human being. That’s on me–it is my issue, not the rest of the world’s and I am very blessed that I have a Saviour who has found a way to heal me. Thank you Lord!