an open letter to Dr. Charles F. Stanley regarding praying for calamity

Dear Dr. Stanley-

Thank you for you dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and serving Him as pastor, and your mission of feeding his sheep through staying In Touch with your followers. I have a serious question to ask of you, but first I must give my credentials. I confess my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is come in the flesh; I confess Jesus Christ is the Son of God, therefore, according to scripture, I have the Holy Spirit. I have been raised up as a reporter from and for the Son, by the Son we both adore.

My question to you is this: do you teach your followers to pray for calamity to come upon others so they may be converted to Christ? One of your flock prayed such a prayer and said you said to pray that way. I would like to know if that is indeed what you teach because it had very serious ramifications in my life and many others. If you did not teach that, then please if you will correct this woman so she may know from you the error of her ways, for she will not hear it from me.

If in fact you do teach others to pray thusly, I would like you to know the fruits of that prayer. Calamity did indeed come upon the employer of she who prayed in that manner. When the pray-er told me she was praying that prayer, I said, in horror, you can’t pray like that. That is like witchcraft or black magic. She said, no it is not, Charles Stanley says to pray that prayer. Sir, is that the case or not?

My Savior in scripture teaches me to prayer “Our Father who art in Heaven…deliver us from evil” in the greatest prayer of deliverance ever prayed. That is how I have been taught to pray. By what authority do you speak such a prayer if you do indeed pray that way? I submit it is not of the Holy Spirit but of an evil one.

The fruits of that prayer were mayhem, discord, strife, death and destruction. The employer and her boarders lost 19 horses and three barn cats in an inferno of unknown origins. I lost my mind and my dearest friend on earth, “River Island”a precious Thoroughbred also known as “Jack,” whom the Lord put into my life to help heal me of the trauma of priest abuse. Sir, please do respond, because the record needs to be cleared one way or the other.

My Savior converts through the inexorable Love of His Sacred Heart. I do not know the heart of the employer now, but from all accounts I do hear, she has gone deeper into the spirits of alcohol and bearing false witness rather than the Spirit of Truth and the true Comforter. I implore, you by the authority of the Spirit of the Most High God, show forth the light of illumination on this matter, for many are waiting to heal from a tragedy of infernal proportions.

Thank you very much.

Most sincerely in Christ Jesus,

Caroline Victoria More Ritter

(re-baptized and now confirmed into the Catholic Church 10-25-16, with St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers as my patron saint. I am and remain a Messianic Jew, trained as a reporter at Stanford University’s Mass Media Institute)



ISO the Spirit of Truth: What I did on my summer staycation

O Comforter, write through me, I pray! Thank you!

What did I do on my summer staycation? I stayed put and in truth, it would not have been a desired destination or vacation without Splendid High. For over a month, he was laid up due to no fault of his, but rather to one of his providers–human error.

What I found out was that in spite of not being able to ride or work him other than at a walk in the soft surface of the ring, that I could still not just maintain but gain conditioning on him. That was a blessing indeed.