The Faithful and True manifest in the Eucharist

Lord, please help me write of Thee as I have found Thee in Holy Communion. Thank You! Amen.

How can it be that in the sip of consecrated wine I feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit? It is Your Holy Blood, Your Spirit Most Holy I have now received through becoming part of the Church Militant. And, so I remain a prayer warrior, by Thy grace O God.

As a Communicant of the Roman Catholic Church now, I am armed with the holy rosary, which Padre Pio, now St. Pio, called THE weapon. Since I am a member of the Blue Army, this is key for me and I believe, the world.

Now I feel I am called to become a lay Dominican nun. We shall see if it is true through the process of discernment. I thought I was called to be a Lay Franciscan nun before but now this appears to be more my path, as the rosary is central to Dominicans.

O Lord, guide me now and always to the perfect place to be/for Thou alone can keep me safe from the Adversary/who even now seeks to devour my soul in his chaos and entropy. Amen.



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