Where is the Faithful and True during the disgraced Cardinal Law’s funeral?

During the funeral of disgraced Cardinal Law, where will the Lord Christ be? Will He be weeping for the demise of Law or for the victims of Law’s negligence?

Law was welcomed at the Vatican and perhaps he is a perfect soldier for them. He did what they wanted and hid the crimes committed and tried to not subject the Church to scorn. Maybe that is exactly what he was asked to do. Maybe he did it perfectly and was rewarded for it.

The victims are collateral damage, I suppose. Where are they now?

I have to fast and pray–so that I can write about it and so it is finally addressed adequately.

What would Jesus do?

He was a spotless victim Himself. He died so souls could live. What must I do?  I have a duty to report. I was purchased with a huge price. Thirteen years ago on this date, my father passed on. The Mother of Mercy helped me cope and I prayed in Chinese for her intercession.

I bear witness to her love as the Court of Last Resort. She helps me still and she wants me to know that she will help cleanse the house of my father if I agree to write of her and for her as an intercessor for those whose lives have been destroyed by fallen priests. Those souls cannot handle anything even remotely Catholic because it triggers memories of the abuse.

I know what that is like. I haven’t been able to attend Mass regularly because it triggers my post-traumatic stress disorder. I cannot afford to go into a full-blown episode and have to be hospitalized over it. Then, the State will have to pay and how is that fair? The State deserves a return on its investment in me and I intend to deliver.

How will this come about? I will plead at the Supreme Court of Heaven for justice and report to them and for them. They are real and they know how to deal with the Vatican intrangency. They just do. Watch and see, because Kuan Yin has a solution and has answered the Lord’s Prayer, “deliver us from evil.”

She would remind me to pray for forgiveness of the soul and the casting out of the carnal mind of the evil-doer as taught to us by Jesus through His Messengers, the Two Witnesses as described in the Book of Revelations.

Jesus gave those prayers so that the Abels of this world had tools to deal with the Cains of the planet and their lives. I am able today to pray so that no soul has to die–including myself and that justice will be done.

I am also able to write and I will. This is my healing and I will take up the literary cross and follow Him all the way.

ISO the Faithful and True: is Mission Accomplished. I have found Him and He is at the Ranch and now in my heart reborn. There is room for him in that inn and manger and He reigns as King in the kingdom within which is the place where my ego has been dethroned and He sits in judgment of me, as I have asked. He’s made me anew as a stable nun for Him. He’s keeping the vigil with Splendid High tonight in the snowstorm as He helped me blanket him with a warm Turtleneck blanket. The Comforter is real for us both and He lives and reigns in our lives. We are at peace because we have a purpose and that is to be heralds of Him and for Him.

That is what I learned on schoolroom Earth today, Dad. I learned I loved enough to re-blanket Mel in a warmer blanket so he can be comfortable in the frigid windchill tonight. I learned there are great people in Texas who make these blankets with care and give superlative customer service. I learned that He lives in them too and that there are good people helping other people and animals and the planet. I can be at peace because the Prince of Peace rules our world and yet makes me a stable nun who is in the process of discernment to become a Third Order Dominican nun, God willing, to espouse formally the Spirit of Truth–Veritas. It is to this end that this blog site and our lives–Mel’s and mine–are now dedicated, by the power of the most holy rosary. Amen.