on the passing of Jess, a dear retired roping Quarter Horse, in memory…

1-24-18 at a public computer, so my time is limited…

In my mind’s eye, I saw the Lord with His Arms around Jess, hugging him. I gave a prayer that we give for those passing on each day. Matt said it was about as good as it could have been and that God must have had a Hand in it.

As I was driving home, I had this image in my mind’s eye of the Faithful and True riding Jess in a BALANCE Western saddle and practicing roping, in case a calf went astray, to help Him get through what is being done in His Name to souls on Earth. Jess was helping Him cope and He was pleased that the Sarahs had more love for their family than many of his so-called best servants who persecute anyone and everyone in His Name.

I know that this is not exactly what the Sarahs would envision and I am not saying it is absolute truth by any means. All I know is that they showed more love for Jess than the Vatican did for children victims today and that that is what is eternal, for “God is love.”

Maybe I will visualize Him roping in the Pope while riding Jess now. I think His rope is one giant rosary formed by prayer…I will enjoy forming this rope each day for Him and for Our Lady by prayer and He may use it to keep the Pope in check as He had to do so often to Peter…”O Jesus, I surrender myself to You! Take care of everything.”

Maybe Jess had his birthday carrot cake for his birth into eternal life with the Faithful and True–and today I think he did get “room service” and had it delivered right to him, even as his back is straight and he is now muscled and fit once again for his new challenge…He leadeth him to green pastures..He leadeth him beside the Stillwater of the river of eternal life…

Love to you Jess forever…I am honored to have known you…I will never forget this past Christmas when it was quite below zero and I looked for Him in your manger…and He was there as the Spirit of Love…with plenty of hay in case He needed a bed as a homeless Infant…I know you would have shared your blanket with Him and serving you was my ultimate Christmas present because you came to me at your gate and shared your love…Now I know that my calling really is to be a “stable nun” and to serve Him amidst the animals where He too is comfortable and accepted–not despised and rejected of men…Namaste

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