Sun Planet News—Dec.17, 2021

Nashville songwriter Kelly Seidel told Father John Burns she struggles with anxiety and the rosary helps her feel peace.

It’s a daily query of guests on manyhailmarysatatime: “what is your rosary story?”

Every day at 6:45 am U.S. Central Time the site on Instagram broadcasts the rosary, usually led by mothers.

Father John hosted today, though, and added that Mother Teresa was asked by reporters why she always was holding a rosary in her hand. She replied because it’s like holding my Mother’s hand.

It was reported today by the New York Times that therapists around the country are seeing a huge demand for their services with not enough ability to meet those needs.

While the rosary is not a replacement for therapy when needed, both Mother Teresa and an anxious songwriter find solace in asking for prayers from the Woman Clothed With the Sun. “Holy Mary…pray for us now…”

Those are stories the Times is unlikely to report, but the Sun Planet News intends to broadcast abroad.

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