The Case For Lifestyle Medicine in Preventing Alzheimer’s and Other Illnesses

On pages eS83-eS89 Drs. Sherzai present their findings on prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Don’t take my word for it, look at the references and the research. It’s all there.

Don’t hold your breath to read about it in the mainstream media. You may expire.

Receive inspiration with this instead. Breathe in the hope here and now!

Off-The-Wall: A Street Survival Journal—One Day the Advances of Lifestyle Medicine Will Be Covered By The Media

…until then it’s best to study yourself to learn the best advances in the field.

Don’t expect to find them covered in the mainstream press.

Following the money doesn’t bring you to the Drs. Sherzai, M.D. Pity, because covering the brain actually sells magazines and newspapers…

Stay tuned for proof….to be continued…

Ukraine Under Russian Threat

Pope Francis called for prayers for Ukraine. The Queen of Peace at Medjugorje has a peace plan. Maybe the pilgrims from Ukraine who went to Medjugorje recently will prevail to implement that plan. For doubters, read Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Calloway for historical accounts such as the bloodless revolution in the Philippines that removed the tyrannical Marcos regime by the power of the most holy rosary wielded in mass peaceful demonstrations.