Good Mood Foods: How Diet Affects Happiness – Blue Zones

Lani Muelrath is a bestselling author, speaker, and TV host known for her expertise in plant-based, active, and mindful living. This article is adapted from her newest book, The Mindful Vegan, a 30-day plan for shedding old thinking patterns and living more joyfully with food. If you are presently piling plenty of colorful plants on your plate, you are already at a better mood advantage. Research tells us that plant-based diets are associated with healthier mood states. The more fruits and vegetables people eat, the happier, less depressed, and more satisfied they are with their lives. Today, we’ll focus on how, grounded in…
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Do foods affect moods? If so, how?

Source Seaweed Supplement For Horses (and Humans)

Seaweed supplement manufacturer Wachter’s unfortunately went out of business. It was a fantastic company with the best standards but it went under after Covid.

Source makes a great product also and it’s something to consider for animals with the threat of nuclear war. The iodine content can perhaps provide some protection, at least for the thyroid.

They make a supplement in pill form for humans as well. It’s pure seaweed.