Who Will Honor The Women of Afghanistan?

Afghan Taliban Writer Inayatullah Khamosh Castigates Free Speech, Says: ‘With The Western Invasion Of Afghanistan And The Establishment Of A Puppet [Democratic] Regime Here, Fraudulent Freedom Of Speech Also Came’ | MEMRI

I hope and pray that the values of Sufi poet Rabia be embraced. She was a literary genius and the first person in literary history to address the Divine as “Beloved.”

Her life and legacy ought to be honored. Undoubtedly, the pseudo-Islamic Taliban would try to destroy her, too, were she alive now. In fact in trying to keep women illiterate by not allowing them to go to school, they are destroying the spirit of Rabia in women now. Her spirit lives on however and no one can erase her literary legacy.

I challenge the Taliban to study the life of Rabia in order to understand what a person who knows the Merciful One acts like. May true Divine Mercy reign in Afghanistan now and forever!

— Read on http://www.memri.org/jttm/afghan-taliban-writer-inayatullah-khamosh-castigates-free-speech-says-western-invasion

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