President Biden Launches Moonshot to Reduce Cancer Dramatically

It may not take a rocket scientist. Perhaps he could start by studying Loma Linda’s trajectory and track record. The city in Southern California has the longest living, healthiest population in the country.

It’s the United States’ only so-called Blue Zone of longevity. It’s in it’s own orbit of singular distinction.

Kentucky, where I now live, has the worst cancer rates in the country among the states, according to Dr. William Li, MD as he cites in his book Eat to Beat Disease which teaches how to overcome the odds.

The good news is that there’s an abundance of the foods he describes in supermarkets here. If the cancer fighting properties of common foods he describes which he’s studied in research as he did pharmaceuticals, were in a pill, there’d be lines at the drugstores. I am myself becoming veg-ucated by his work. Produce to the rescue!

Perhaps it’s lunacy to plant such aspirations. We’ll see. In the meantime, Loma Lindans have landed. The research already exists. It’s just not high tech enough, maybe. We’ll see if tech can beat it. They’ll try. It’s profitable and produce isn’t patentable, alas.

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