Code Blue: It’s the Documentary Mainstream Health Media Ignores

Don’t expect to hear about the documentary Code Blue by the newspaper of record in America anytime soon.

If the healthcare system is guilty of what’s portrayed, then so is the media. No doubt the Powers That Be don’t want you to get informed.

It doesn’t matter. Some in healthcare are moving forward in a revolution anyway. That’s the good news you won’t see covered by those who could, so an MD goes around the country interviewing the revolutionaries herself.

I have wanted to see Dr Neal Barnard, MD’s clinic investigated by the Times or the Post, but now I got to see the inside of it through the lens of the documentary’s doctor and crew.

While the country is dying in a Code Blue, others are building a new paradigm to resurrect the nation.

It just isn’t worthy of a headline to those who run the news business. Ah well. I wonder if CNN’s John King who revealed he has Multiple Sclerosis, knows of this story which details the life of a doctor who became a patient and who is beating the prognosis?

I wonder. I also wonder if his neurologist knows her story. They may not. Why would that be?

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