Men See Weight Gain As Inevitable Due to Family and Job Demands, Article States

My wish would be that these men and all the planet know that there is a solution and a proven one, but somehow the word is not reaching the masses. The mass media either does not know it or refuses to cover it.

I just saw a medical doctor in Lexington, Kentucky who knows the solution. She’s just starting a practice in concierge medicine but she’s been in practice for many years and came to lifestyle medicine as a result of her own battle with cancer.

She recovered and helped her husband who has an autoimmune condition, as well.

I asked her how she found the information on diet and lifestyle. She googled it. Literally. And she found Chris Wark who healed of cancer through alternative means. I was fascinated with that answer because I know where he went to get the word out: ClickFunnels. I am trying to learn from its founder Russell Brunson myself, as well as his mentor Dan Kennedy.

For me, it’s a tall order. I now have a computer but can’t access anything online and it’s totally due to my tech issues. My brain injury still disables my tech ability.

It really may come down to people taking matters into their own hands to get the word out. If anyone thinks I am an ideal person to start a media business that covers health the way it ought to be covered, I can assure them they are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Nevertheless, this is my little, insignificant effort to cover what is the future and is not being covered by the mainstream media.

By the way, to those men referenced in the article, I would refer them to Dr. John McDougall’s book on Ultimate Weight Loss. He helped an Olympic champion eat to keep his weight down and win more gold medals.

For more on the vast research backing up that approach, see Dr. Michael Greger’s “How Not to Diet.”

And some day, they may be covered by the traditional media, but don’t count on it. To be informed, the public may have to get educated themselves because their doctors probably don’t know either.

Nutrition education is not taught much in most medical schools. The University of North Carolina is an exception and to see that covered, see the documentary “Code Blue” with Dr. Saray Stancic, MD. She did an outstanding job of covering what needs to be covered.

If one prefers to learn by video, watch Chef AJ who interviews lifestyle medicine professionals. She’s on YouTube daily. She’s doing the job that health reporters should be doing albeit she’s not a reporter nor does she claim to be one. She’s taken it upon herself to get the word out. She doesn’t grill them as reporters might, but at least they are able to reach folks with a message that otherwise may not reach them.

I can’t say where this is going, but my frustration level is high with the industry charged to inform the masses. I have given up on them covering this after the documentary “Game-Changers” was roundly ignored by the media.

I drove in a torrential rainstorm two hours up and two hours back to see it the day it was released in Bozeman, Montana. I really thought everything would change. I was wrong.

I underestimated the resistance to empowering the masses with knowledge to save their lives.

Game on, I guess–for me!

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