Lunch for Sunday

Our Lady of Good Remedy With My Lunch

Brown rice, collards, aduki beans, and sauerkraut on the menu. This wasn’t enough food and I went back for more afterwards.

I ended up eating the whole bunch of collards–meaning the bunch in its entirety. I made sure to eat much of the stems as well cut into small slices.

Lunch–not a dog’s upset stomach! Old leftover brown rice, red lentils cooked with frozen broccoli and some shoyu. Guess it’s a good thing I failed to pass the healing chef course I took. You can see why. It’s lazy to use frozen broccoli but today was Saturday and it’s my day of rest. It really wasn’t restful today but c’est la vie.

It’s Lent and I need to eat to heal through a Daniel Cure. It’s a long shot. My disability seems quite resistant to even the most effective cure of prayer and fasting.

Even if I don’t heal, eating this way makes me at least better than I was. I do not expect followers for these kind of posts. It’s kind of a way to repulse people, but hey, it’s far better than being constantly in and out of the nut house.

It’s pretty obvious why I eat alone. Lol

Survival Soup Supper

Splendid High, also known as Mel, is devouring his miso soup with beets and onions, brown rice and seaweed supplements and herbs.

The miso soup, veggies, brown rice and seaweed are what kept the patients from radiation sickness after the atomic bomb as described in the book Nagasaki 1945. It written by the Japanese medical doctor whose genius prescribed that food with strict instructions: no sugar.

So Mel has his daily miso soup, too, with me (except I just have bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays, as prescribed by the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje. She says prayer and fasting can stop wars.) We’re survivors.

I don’t doubt Mr. Putin would employ the nuclear option. I really don’t. So I prepare the best I can. I have a little outdoor shrine to Our Lady of Good Remedy outside my door. I don’t have a bomb shelter. The one I paid for in the late ’80s, the architect never finished and the money was not refunded. He then went on to spread conspiracy theories about 9-11 being an inside job. I had to sell heirloom jewelry to raise the money to pay for a place in the shelter and my family never forgave me. Oh well. The architect was yet another financial abuser.

So Mel and I don’t live in the United Kingdom where the prize Thoroughbreds were put in bomb shelter during World War II. Mel is a descendant of one who was kept in a shelter to save his precious bloodline.

I do what I can though, because he is precious to me. He is my prayer partner and we prayed the rosary together today for Ukraine. Mel seemed to give up for Lent today doing his “storm surges” and acting up with me when leading him next to other horse running in the fields.

So we’re grateful to be in Kentucky and just next to the horse capital of the world in Lexington. And we’re determined to survive as best we can so we can continue to work for the Queen of Peace, G-d willing.

The miso pseudo-borscht feeds our mission to pray for the conversion of Russia because we want to survive to serve the Faithful and True…