Lunch–not a dog’s upset stomach! Old leftover brown rice, red lentils cooked with frozen broccoli and some shoyu. Guess it’s a good thing I failed to pass the healing chef course I took. You can see why. It’s lazy to use frozen broccoli but today was Saturday and it’s my day of rest. It really wasn’t restful today but c’est la vie.

It’s Lent and I need to eat to heal through a Daniel Cure. It’s a long shot. My disability seems quite resistant to even the most effective cure of prayer and fasting.

Even if I don’t heal, eating this way makes me at least better than I was. I do not expect followers for these kind of posts. It’s kind of a way to repulse people, but hey, it’s far better than being constantly in and out of the nut house.

It’s pretty obvious why I eat alone. Lol

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