A False Prophet Or The Real Deal?—Reviewed


On page 298, the author describes a mode of confession which, if true, could liberate the world. Write a confession letter and ask the holy angels to take it to heaven and burn the letter in a physical fire, is the mode of confession elucidated.

Is it true or is it the false doctrine of a false teacher whose baptisms are not recognized by the Roman Catholic Church?

Your call. Did the Two Witnesses come and the Church refused to recognize them?

Is that even possible?

I report, you decide. To read or not to read, that is the question.

I have–and maybe that’s why I remain a book reporter. Namaste.

Buddha Bowl of Dragon Snot Soup (blended baby kale, carrot juice, brown rice, ground flaxseed, ginger and ume vinegar)

Celebrating the Resurrection of An Old Orchid Plant From Two Valentine’s Days Ago

Why toss an old orchid that appears as but a few sticks and leaves? Keep watering it and eventually you may be rewarded with the riotous blooms again…

Those old ancient folks you want to toss out into the trash may actually be ready to blossom if given care…Note to the trustee: my orchid is having its 15 minutes of fame and it’s Georgia O’Keefe moment. My birth dad the photographer Eugene Kibbe had his DNA resurrected as well. Thanks, Dad for your photographic acumen!

Green Smoothie For Earth Day

No, it’s it puréed horse manure. It’s a smoothie with baby kale, carrot juice, ginger, brown rice, baby Lima beans, ume vinegar and love…