On Shunning Saudi Crown Prince MBS


As a handicapped health reporter who was trained at Stanford University, I may be an extremely unlikely devil’s advocate on the point made by many on the subject of the Saudi Crown Prince.

I despise the practice murdering journalists in order to silence them and snuff out the truth. I abhor Putin for so doing.

In the case of MBS, I really do wonder if once a Muslim Brotherhood member, always a Muslim Brotherhood member is true for the foe who died by bone saw. Was he part of an assassination attempt that began with character assassination?

Is MBS Machiavelli’s Prince or is he a Prince who would bring peace? Was his foe a Prince of this world of corrupt journalistic practices that exalt so-called journalists who are fed information from Russian spycraft and then publish it along with troop movements and names of intelligence officers–and call it freedom of the press?

What’s the check on this type of “press freedom?”

The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to assassinating heads of State they do not like. It’s a movement.

Remember Anwar Sadat? I do.

Who murdered him?

How did it start?

How was the plot hatched?

Now we have more sophisticated instruments of mass destruction.

“The black magic myth of mass media” was a topic by then-Prof. Jeremy Cohen at Stanford University when I was trained. Is it indeed a myth?

Is the mythic Hercules needed to cleanse the stables in a labor by diverting a river? Maybe Schiff needs cleansing by truth washing.

But who am I to say?

I wanted to give all I have and am to MBS to keep it safe and preserve it. That’s who I am. It’s open season on me and all I hold dear.

I would like to report on when Jesus meets the Mahdi at Mecca, as is prophesied, so it’s a shameless attempt at getting access.

I guess I am one of those fake news-gatherers who live to be first on the scene. I may die but at least I’ll die with my boots on.

I am glad Peter Bergen interviewed Osama Bin Laden. I’d kill to be at Mecca, first on the scene. What would I kill, though? I am pledged to non-violence. I’d kill the notion that all who call themselves journalists are indeed that because it was disguised reporters who assassinated Massoud.

Who paid for that hit?

I would really like to know.

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