Welcome to the Health Nuthouse!

It’s a club house where health is celebrated with a concoction of sweet potato purée, ground flaxseed, carob syrup and vanilla extract and oatmeal (uncooked).

It’s splendidly high in Omega 3’s and sweetness from the purée.

I escaped another diagnosis today due to not going there…

Finding the Silver Lining in the Scourge of Parasites


The full moon is approaching, so it’s high time for Splendid High to get his herbal wormer from Silver Lining Herbs.

It’s administered 10 days before the full moon–I’m not kidding. Parasites are supposedly most active at the full moon. Whether or not in Old Europe de-worming was done on the full moon, I can’t honestly say.

It’s made-for-comedy for some aged hippies from California (that’s me and my granola equine business partner-in-grime). We’re both born in California and transplanted to near the horse capital of the world.

Lexington, Kentucky is Mel’s home away from home, as he seems to do his best to be near the Mayo Clinic for horses: Rood and Riddle.

I do test for efficacy. He gets a fecal egg count twice a year to see if it’s working. I had a streak of 7 consecutive ZERO fecal egg counts.

We’ll see if Mel’s Easter egg count gets him a win or not. I don’t think the lab is keen to run it on Easter. So we’ll wait for the exciting news: to worm or not to worm with a chemical–that is the question. And Quest Plus may be the answer…

Stay tuned for what’s exciting in my world…